In this transformative and uncertain era, people seem more driven to be masters of their fate, controlling their destinies. But, everyone's response to this varies.

Take AI's sudden and powerful emergence, for instance. Those of you in knowledge-based jobs may have likely felt its impact or convenience.

Like many, I've moved from curiosity, disdain, and avoidance to embracing and learning from AI, going through several stages of self-protective reactions. I ultimately decided to embrace it. You might wonder why.

Here's an analogy:

Just as with darkness, hiding isn't the solution; seeking light is.

Generative AI is new to nearly everyone, even its developers, who are still exploring its potential applications. I've observed that nearly everyone interested in personal growth is diving into this technology. This exploration has also become my main focus, which led to the creation of this newsletter.

WHAT You’ll Get

The Approachist is different from other AI tech newsletters. It focuses more on the HOW and WHY of practical application, not just the WHAT. We're dedicated to gathering practical strategies and real-world tips to give you an advantage.

Thus, The Approachist is not just about embracing and engaging with AI; it's an exploration of practical methods and sharing knowledge and experiences.

WHY Subscribe

  • Keeping up with tech application trends: Most other AI newsletters cater to tech-savvy readers, but as a non-tech person, my focus is on sharing updates related to practical applications rather than the latest technical breakthroughs.

  • Personal and professional development: I aim to sift through a wealth of information to find practical methods and tips that can enhance both your personal and professional growth. (Interesting fact: each digest filters through at least 500 sources, yet the final content might not always align with what I initially set out to share.)

  • A broad spectrum of information: While focusing mainly on knowledge-based work, the content also spans life, well-being, and more. Recommended readings will include basic AI knowledge, ethics, and related subjects.

In addition to the digest, I plan to gradually include original articles on specific topics. Looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

BTW, the newsletter is free for now.

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